Student Paper Finalists

IEEE RadarConf 2023 student paper finalists which were selected by a committee within the Radar Systems Panel, are recognized for their exceptional content and technical contributions. Finalists are invited to present their work remotely at the conference to a panel of judges from industry and academia. The top three students will receive a cash award and recognition during the banquet awards ceremony on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

8025    MIMO Radar-Based Rotation Parameter Estimation of Non-Cooperative Space Debris Objects
Christoph Kammel - Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

8061    Waveform Analysis and Digital Predistortion for Modulation-Based Radar Target Simulators 
Pirmin Schoeder - Ulm University

8249    Alternative “Bases” for Gradient-Based Optimization of Parameterized FM Radar Waveforms
Bahozhoni White - University of Kansas

8275    Compact Parameterization of Non repeating FMCW Radar Waveforms
Thomas Kramer - University of Kansas

8308    Deep-Layer Training of CNN for SAR with Two-Stage Data Augmentation 
Alexander Denton - Naval Postgraduate School

First alternative:

8283    On the Optimality of Spectrally Notched Radar Waveform & Filter Designs
Jonathan Owen - University of Kansas

Second alternative:

8076  Automotive Radar Interference Avoidance Strategies for Complex Traffic Scenarios
Lizette Lorraine Tovar Torres, Ulm University