Dr. Michael C. Wicks (1959-2020)

Chief Scientist at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Sensor Directorate
Endowed Professor at University of Dayton

"Be kind, give people a chance, and expect nothing in return"


Award Description

Notifications for the travel grant recipients were sent on 20 March 2023.

The IEEE Michael Wicks Travel Award provides travel support to graduate students who are primary authors on a paper accepted for presentation to the 2023 IEEE Radar Conference. ​

A primary author is a graduate student who presents the paper and attends the conference in person.

The recipients must be both IEEE and AESS members at the time of paper submission. 

Each of the multiple recipients will receive a package of conference items including free registration and hotel accommodation. 

Participating in this award is extremely simple:

  • You need to be a Graduate Student
  • You need to be an IEEE Member at the time of paper submission
  • You need to be an AESS Member at the time of paper submission

If you meet these requirements, your paper is automatically considered for the award.

Before the conference, you will be notified if you are one of the winners. If you are selected, your name will be mentioned at the Banquet dinner, during the commemoration of Dr. Michael Wicks.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you must be an IEEE and AESS student member at the time of paper submission. To become an IEEE AESS member, follow the button below.