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  • IEEE

    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a 501(c)(3) professional association for electronic engineering and electrical engineering (and associated disciplines) with its corporate office in New York City and its operations center in Piscataway, New Jersey.


    The IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS) is a society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) that focuses on the advancement of integrated electronic systems and large-scale integrated interoperable systems.

Diamond Sponsor

  • MIT Lincoln Laboratory

    MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center operated by MIT under a contract with the U.S. Air Force. The Laboratory researches and develops a broad array of advanced
    technologies to meet critical national security needs. What sets it apart from many national R&D laboratories is a focus on building operational prototypes of the unique systems the Laboratory designs. For example, Lincoln Laboratory fabricated the ground and space terminals that enabled the world’s
    fastest data download from a NASA satellite orbiting the moon; created the first dual-band radar that is
    also the highest-resolution, long-range imaging sensor in the world; and built a beam-combining laser that
    achieved the highest brightness recorded anywhere.

    The ability to turn concepts into field-worthy systems is supported by state-of-the-art facilities, such as a
    world-class semiconductor research and fabrication laboratory, a flight facility boasting several aircraft
    customized for field-testing airborne systems, and New England’s fastest, most powerful supercomputing

    Behind the Laboratory’s innovative R&D are people with exceptional technical abilities and creativity,
    working in cross-disciplinary teams to develop advanced technologies for diverse needs—for example, defending against missile threats, providing secure communications, monitoring activity in space, and even inventing biomedical devices.

    Lincoln Laboratory has stretched the capabilities of technology ever since its establishment in 1951.
    During the 1950s development of the nation’s first air defense system, researchers pioneered the use of
    computers for data analysis not just mathematical calculations—and transformed the future of computing. Today, the Laboratory continues to explore new applications of technology that can help keep our nation safe and aid in international humanitarian efforts.

  • Lockheed Martin

Platinum Sponsors

  • Continental Electronics

    Founded in 1946, Dallas-Based Continental Electronics ranks high among the world’s top-tier of the most experienced designers and manufacturers of RF equipment, offering a full range of transmitters and high-power amplifiers for broadcast, communications, radar, PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing), space, science, and industrial applications. CEC systems span the practical RF frequency spectrum, from a few kilohertz to many gigahertz, operating at power levels ranging from kilowatts to megawatts, from precision digital-modulated emissions to CW duty. Continental continues to be a pioneer in RF transmitter technology since our company was originally founded.

    As an innovator specializing in High-Power RF systems for more than 75 years, Continental Electronics can offer unique capabilities in a low-risk design of robust solid-state amplifiers, integrated into high-performance, highly reliable transmitter systems.

    CEC has extensive experience in the development, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and support of High-Power OTHR transmission systems for the US Navy and US Air Force. Learn more about CEC at contelec.com

  • Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

    The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is the nonprofit, applied research division of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Founded in 1934, GTRI has grown to more than 2,800 employees, supporting eight laboratories in over twenty locations around the country and performing more than $700 million of problem-solving research annually for government and industry. GTRI’s renowned researchers combine science, engineering, economics, policy, and technical expertise to solve complex problems for the U.S. federal government, the state, and industry.

  • NI

    At NI, we Engineer Ambitiously. We celebrate creative problem solving. And we take our customer relationships to heart. We believe in the power and potential of making connections—between people, ideas, and technology. In fact, connection is central to everything we do. We constantly challenge ourselves to find those connections because that’s what creates a path forward for you to engineer the extraordinary today, tomorrow, and for the next 100 years.

    This means bringing the right people together to build solutions that make a difference. It means combining fresh perspectives with new technologies to turn your vision into reality.

    For more than four decades, we’ve set the standard in automated test and automated measurement systems. We’re proud to partner with the talented engineers and enterprises using our systems to solve the world’s most pressing technology challenges and build better businesses. From data and automation to research and validation, our tailored, software-connected approach is rooted in helping you engineer what’s next. As your trusted partner, we’re committed to helping you set your goals higher and reach them sooner.

    We’re here for you, for each other, and for the next generation of innovators who think bigger, aim higher, and go faster.

    It’s time.

    Let’s Engineer Ambitiously.

  • Rohde & Schwarz

    The unique challenges of radar testing require the right tools to ensure your system is designed and operating correctly. Rohde & Schwarz is a leader in performance test equipment including: spectrum and network analyzers, signal generators, power meters, and oscilloscopes. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the family-owned Rohde & Schwarz technology group has 90 years of experience in developing innovative RF products that help our customers address their toughest measurement challenges.  

    For more information, visit us at https://www.rohde-schwarz.com/iraps  

  • Northrop Grumman

Gold Sponsor

  • Samtec

    Samtec is a worldwide manufacturer of interconnect systems and is recognized as the connector industry’s service leader. Samtec’s product offerings include high-speed mezzanine strips, high-density arrays, high-speed coax, twin-ax cable assemblies, active optical cables, high-speed I/O systems and rugged-power, RF cable assemblies and board-to-board systems.

  • Comtech PST

    Comtech PST (CPST) designs and manufactures solid state high power amplifiers and RF/Microwave control components.  Amplifier products operate from 2MHz to 18 GHz with output power levels to multi-kilowatts.

    Control component products operate from 2MHz to 40 GHz and multi-kilowatts power.
    Our products are utilized in a variety of military and commercial applications such as electronic warfare, radar, IFF, military communications, SATCOM, datalinks, medical, and EMC/EMI testing.
    All of Comtech PST’s products utilize the latest semiconductor technologies enabling us to continually expand and improve the performance of our products.

    CPST offers many standard amplifiers, control components, switches and limiters, additionally we also develop customized products to meet the customer’s unique program requirements. Our products are available as modules, integrated microwave assemblies or rack-mountable subassemblies.

  • Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

    Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) is a premier independent, nonprofit research and development organization. We offer multidisciplinary services leveraging advanced science and applied technologies. Since 1947, we have provided solutions for some of the world’s most challenging scientific and engineering problems.

    SwRI evaluates weapons and armors including both large and small ballistics and explosives. We also perform work in cybersecurity, radio frequency, and signal analysis to advance industry network and homeland security. We provide world-class aerospace and aircraft solutions, and we also develop highly advanced, custom defense systems, large antennas, and sophisticated armors.

    Ongoing threats to national security require timely intelligence data, including signal intelligence obtained through electronic surveillance. For more than 60 years, SwRI has supported U.S. and friendly foreign governments, as well as commercial clients, developing communications signal intercept, direction finding, surveillance, tagging and tracking systems, avionics and support systems, and electronics integration and cyber technology.

  • ARC Technology Solutions

    ARC Technology Solutions is a veteran-owned, small business-based company located in Nashua, NH focusing on sustainment, technology insertion, circuit card redesign, test solutions and manufacturing solutions such as tooling. One of the latest innovations is the ESP digital synthesis system which is a new FPGA based digital design solution that can help solve some of the tougher legacy system obsolescence problems using FPGAs. This latest design provides a SIM and APP layer for simulating, testing and implementing your custom digital or analog solution at the system level and is perfect for modernizing legacy radar applications.

  • NSI-MI Technologies

    NSI-MI Technologies is the preferred global supplier of antenna, RF and microwave testing equipment.
    Our expansive team of renowned technical experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality engineering
    solutions and advanced products for a wide range of technical applications where precise measurement,
    motion control and data acquisition is required.
    We apply our expertise in microwave technologies, electromagnetic propagation and mechanical system design to provide complete antenna test systems for aerospace, defense, wireless communications, and
    transportation industries as well as academia and research institutes. Our vast line of products also
    allows us to offer solutions for production line or general automated component testing.
    Whether investing in a turnkey system, a precision component, or using our in-house testing facilities, we have the right solution for you.
    You can always Test with Confidence™ at NSI-MI.

  • RANTEC Microwave Systems

    Founded over 60 years ago, Rantec Microwave Systems designs, develops, and manufactures custom antennas solutions for ground, air, maritime, and space applications. Rantec Microwave Systems name has been synonymous with innovative designs, high quality, and high reliability. Rantec antennas are in use throughout the world for both military and commercial applications such as radar, missile guidance, navigation, EW, satellite communications and space. Our unique capability is of combined in-house precision machining and aluminum dip brazing. With ability to design, manufacture, and test antennas under one roof, we are able to save our customers time and money. As ITAR compliant and AS9100-D certified company, Rantec has received numerous customer recognition awards for outstanding program quality performance.

  • RANTEC Microwave Systems

    Founded over 60 years ago, Rantec Microwave Systems designs, develops, and manufactures custom antennas solutions for ground, air, maritime, and space applications. Rantec Microwave Systems name has been synonymous with innovative designs, high quality, and high reliability. Rantec antennas are in use throughout the world for both military and commercial applications such as radar, missile guidance, navigation, EW, satellite communications and space. Our unique capability is of combined in-house precision machining and aluminum dip brazing. With ability to design, manufacture, and test antennas under one roof, we are able to save our customers time and money. As ITAR compliant and AS9100-D certified company, Rantec has received numerous customer recognition awards for outstanding program quality performance.

  • The Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC)

    The Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC) at the University of Oklahoma, located in Norman, OK, was established in 2005 as a small interdisciplinary group of energetic faculty and students, and we have grown into the largest academic radar program in the nation.  The ARRC operates the Radar Innovations Laboratory and its new lab Annex.  Overall, the ARRC manages three precision anechoic chambers, a microwave test lab, a terahertz test lab, a machine shop, two high bay garages, and an experimental roof deck for operational radar testing. The ARRC’s mission is to create a confluence of science and engineering in radar and applied electromagnetics that empowers research, enhances collaboration, inspires discovery, and improves lives. With our core values of teamwork, respect, integrity, inclusion, freedom/responsibility, and innovation, the ARRC is focused on developing cutting-edge fielded radar technology for scientific discovery, defense applications, and many other commercial needs. We are open for collaborations and are always looking for new partners, students, and colleagues!

  • ISL

    For over 40 years ISL had been a trusted technologically innovative partner to various US national security agencies and Commercial Radar/RF/EW related Industries.

    ISL is specifically organized as a vertically integrated “one stop” solution for the entire technology development cycle from basic Science and Research & Development, through engineering development and prototyping, to full rate production.

    ISL has an impressive record of transitioning advanced technologies for the Warfighter. RFView® and its related RF Digital Engineering commercial products provide warfighters and commercial industry with the most realistic Physics--Based, highly contested environment, RF/Radar/EW/ELINT Modeling ad Sim capabilities possible to ensure success against peer competition!

  • Anduril Industries

    Anduril Industries is a defense technology company with a mission to transform U.S. and allied military capabilities with advanced technology. By bringing the expertise, technology, and business model of the 21st century’s most innovative companies to the defense industry, Anduril is changing how military systems are designed, built, and sold. Anduril’s family of systems, including globally deployed integrated radar systems, is powered by Lattice OS, an AI-powered operating system that turns thousands of data streams into a real-time, 3D command and control center. As the world enters an era of strategic competition, Anduril is committed to bringing cutting-edge autonomy, AI, computer vision, sensor fusion, and networking technology to the military in months, not years.

  • Ophir RF Inc

    United States based designer and manufacturer of High-power RF Systems for Radar, Electronic Warfare, and Test & Measurement applications. Los Angeles, since 1992.

  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

    We are an Agency defined by our mission, values, and people. Together, we accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.

  • Boeing

  • Boeing

  • Boeing

Silver Sponsors

  • CAES

    CAES pioneers the future and underpins many of the world’s most critical missions. Our RF, microwave and millimeterwave solutions enable missile defense radars and missile seekers, electronic warfare systems that keep warfighters safe, communications systems that keep the world connected, and civil aviation radars that ensure the safety of the flying public.

    For more than 40 years, CAES radar solutions have enabled missile defense systems to maintain their vigilance, augmenting fighter pilots’ situational awareness and helping to keep the flying public safe and comfortable in the air. CAES technologies optimize system sensitivity, power and range, enabling warfighters to identify threats at a distance and respond appropriately.

    CAES technology supports the world’s leading radar systems; enabling missile defense systems to maintain their vigilance, augmenting fighter pilots’ situational awareness, and helping to keep the flying public safe and comfortable in the air. Our robust design and manufacturing techniques ensure reliability for never fail missions while an emphasis on low SWaP with chip scale, high-density packages enable innovative solutions for challenging applications.

    A broad portfolio of solutions across a wide frequency range ensure a proper technical fit for every mission. From HF through millimeter wave, operating across the land, sea, air and space domains, our products and services can address any radar need, from air traffic control, to synthetic aperture radar, fire control, and space situational awareness.

    From inception and development engineering, manufacturing to full rate production and sustainment, we work closely with customers as partners throughout the program lifecycle.

  • Advanced Test Equipment Corp. (ATEC)

    Advanced Test Equipment Corp. (ATEC) is a leading provider of test & measurement equipment rentals, sales, calibration, and service. Since 1981, test engineers, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies have relied on ATEC to guide them to the right equipment, ship it quickly, and offer them the industry's best technical expertise and customer care. ATEC’s broad inventory includes EMC, Power Supplies & Loads, RF Safety, Electrical, NDT, Environmental, Communications, and General Purpose test equipment. Explore the ATEC inventory at www.atecorp.com.

  • TTM Technologies, Inc.

    TTM Technologies, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of technology solutions, including engineered systems, radio frequency ("RF") components and RF microwave/microelectronic assemblies, and quick-turn and technologically advanced printed circuit boards ("PCBs"). TTM stands for time-to-market, representing how TTM's time-critical, one-stop manufacturing services enable customers to shorten the time required to develop new products and bring them to market.

  • Interface Concept

    Interface Concept develops and manufactures high-performance embedded boards and systems for industrial and defense applications. The company designs and markets innovative COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) board-level products based on industrial standards (VPX, cPCI, VME, FMC/XMC/PMC) and high-end technologies. Our high-computing boards are devised, enriched and interrelated to provide our customers with best-in-class building blocks to devise HPEC (High-Performance Embedded Computing) systems. We customize and offer custom solutions to meet specific environment requirements. A high-level technical support is provided worldwide by our skilled R&D team. Interface Concept leverages its expertise of 30 years in hardware and software to provide cutting-edge solutions.

    Products include:

    • 1, 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet switches and IP routers
    • Single Board Computers (SBCs) and Digital Processing boards (DSPs)
    • Digital and analog conversion cards (ADC/DAC)
    • Storage and 2D/3D graphic modules


    Interface Concept
    3, rue Félix Le Dantec
    29000 Quimper
    Tel. +33(0)2 98 57 30 30

  • Quantic Electronics Capacitors & Magnetics

    Quantic® Electronics (Quantic) power product businesses provide “American-made” advanced technology-enabling capacitors, magnetics and resistors for the most demanding applications in military, aerospace, industrial, and communications markets.  Collaborating engineer-to-engineer with leading OEMs to design and build performance-driven solutions from the ground up.

  • Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

    Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC), is an instrumentation manufacturer founded in 1963. BNC is a leading manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for test and measurement, and RF/microwave. From signal generators to spectrum analyzers, we offer the widest range of signal generation and analysis tools from a single manufacturer. Our application engineers are always available to discuss your specific needs. BNC happily offers product demonstrations if you’re interested in testing out a unit on-site to ensure it is right for you.

    Our corporate headquarters are in San Rafael, California, with additional manufacturing facilities and sales offices throughout the United States. For 60 years, BNC has remained committed to our tradition of technical excellence.  We tackle even the toughest applications, often dismissed by the competition.

  • Leonardo DRS

    DRS RADA Technologies, a subsidiary of Leonardo DRS, is focused on proprietary radar solutions and legacy avionics systems supporting the defense industry globally. The company is a global pioneer of AESA tactical radars for active military protection, counter-drone applications, critical infrastructure protection, and border surveillance. For more information on Leonardo DRS, visit www.leonardodrs.com.



    TECHWAY is a high-tech digital electronics supplier specializing in data-acquisition and data-processing for signal or video applications in real-time.
    Our engineering team is made up of engineers specializing in high-end solutions based on FPGA &
    MPSoC, and high-speed optical communications. We design and develop COTS products dedicated to
    high-speed acquisition and preprocessing in test benches, ground equipment and production
    applications for any protocols (sFPDP, Aurora, SpaceWire, LVDS, ARINC 818, ODI, ...). Thanks to
    versatility of our solutions, our OEM customers use it in many fields as Electronics Warfare, COMINT, SIGINT, Telecom and more.
    Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions and top-level support to our clients in Defense, Avionics, and Industry markets by mastering our products from A to Z to offer customized service products, and by understanding needs and expectations of our customers for a successful delivery of their projects.
    Our main product ranges offer versatile PCIe FPGA boards with FMC+ site based on the latest Xilinx
    technologies such as Zynq UltraScale+ and Kintex UltraScale+ devices, and VITA 57.4 optical interfaces with link rate up to 25 Gbps. Thanks to our expertise and our partnerships, we offer a wide range of solutions for multiple high-end applications such as FPGA/MPSoC boards, VITA 57.4 interfaces, VITA 17.3 sFPDP platforms, ARINC 818 video protocol solutions, and recording solutions.
    TECHWAY activities are covered by our ISO 9001 and EN/AS 9100 Quality Management System which
    aims to guarantee our clients that our products and services meet their requirements, come in on
    time and within budget, effectively managing any risk.

  • MathWorks

    The MATLAB and Simulink product families are fundamental applied math and computational tools at the world's educational institutions. Adopted by more than 6,500 universities and colleges, MathWorks products accelerate the pace of learning, teaching, and research in engineering and science. MathWorks products also help prepare students for careers in industry worldwide, where the tools are widely used for data analysis, mathematical modeling, and algorithm development in collaborative research and new product development.  Application areas include data analytics, mechatronics, communication systems, image processing, computational finance, and computational biology.

  • Empower RF Systems

Bronze & Radar Boot Camp Sponsor

  • Metron, Inc.

    Metron is an award-winning, trusted provider of advanced research, scientific, and software solutions for government and commercial markets. We apply advanced analytics, decision-support tools, machine learning, artificial intelligence, rapid software prototyping and experimentation, and Resilient Mission Autonomy™ to develop innovative solutions for our customers' most complex problems. Incorporated in 1984 and headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Metron is an employee-owned company with locations in Portland (Oregon), Denver, San Diego, and Honolulu. With expertise spanning advanced mathematics, computer science, physics, and engineering, Metron's tailored solutions solve challenging technical problems through rigorous innovation grounded in first principles.