General Co-Chairs

  • Anthony Martone, ARL
  • Kelly Sherbondy, ARL
  • Bill Melvin, GTRI
  • Coral Miller

Technical Co-Chairs

  • Laura Anitori, TNO
  • Shannon Blunt, KU

Student Program Co-Chairs

  • Graeme Smith, APL
  • Justin Metcalf, OU
  • Garrett Hall, SwRI

Plenary Session Co-Chairs

  • Moeness Amin, Villanova University
  • Benjamin Kirk, ARL

Special Sessions Co-Chairs

  • Dan Bliss, Arizona State University
  • R. Michael Buehrer, Virginia Tech

Finance Co-Chairs

  • Mark Davis, medavis consulting
  • Drew Kerr, GTRI

Tutorial Co-Chairs

  • Braham Himed, AFRL
  • Julie Jackson, AFIT

Industrial Participation Co-Chairs

  • Mark Yeary, OU
  • Joseph Guerci, ISL

Exhibition Co-Chairs

  • Rob Bauer, Jariet Technologies
  • Haydn Nelson, NI

Publications Co-Chair

  • Maria Greco, University of Pisa

International Participation Co-Chair

  • Alexander Charlish, Fraunhofer FKIE
  • Willie Nel, CSIR

Publicity Co-Chairs

  • Charlie Baylis, Baylor University
  • Patrick McCormick, KU

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs

  • Walt Downing, SwRI

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Co-Chairs

  • Julie Jackson, AFIT
  • Abigail Hedden, ARL